The DayKare Philosophy

Researching and Writing

DayKare's philosophy of educating young children is to view each child as an individual with unlimited potential to reach new heights. To do this, at DayKare, we believe children need a safe environment, nurturing relationships, and robust educational curriculum where children are encouraged to think critically to resolve conflicts with each other's and our teacher's help.  at DayKare, we believe children must be led with minimal interference by the teacher during classroom and outside activities.  Children learn best when activities involve risk-taking in order to discover new ideas and feelings.

Not all children learn the same way.  The classroom should be organized to accommodate learning for all.  Allowing children to explore and find answers on their own, help their self esteem.  Allowing time for story telling helps their imagination.  Playing outside, gives the children the needed physical and social development opportunities.  Giving children the hands-on experiences such as block time to build, rearrange and connect develops their cognitive skills.  Teachers can best teach where they are not overwhelmed by the number of children under their care.  Teacher to children ratio should be supplemented by adequate staff assistants for optimal teaching to take place.

Children who require special attention must be included in all activities with other children.  The inclusion policy must be in place to include all children of various backgrounds with or without disabilities. DayKare maintains an all inclusive curriculum to meet the needs of all children.  Developmentally appropriate practices are the foundation of our educational curriculum.

DayKare believe that children learn when their educational curriculum includes time for or is based on play.  Play itself has many facets for children’s growth.  Play allows for physical growth, communication, cognitive development and leads to the development of all other executive functions.  To maximize children’s growth, educators at DayKare from time to time redirects children play during their supervision outside or inside.  At DayKare Family Childcare, our goal is to give your child the opportunity to experience high quality care in a safe, embracing and loving environment.

DayKare Family Daycare is licensed by the state of California Health and Human Services Agency. For further details about license, please contact DayKare childcare program at 925 577 3030.  DayKare facility license number is 013423141. The program is listed as Fnu Shabnam.